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Automatic 2-Needle Belt-Loop Attaching Machine

The Juki MOL-254 machine time is 1.2 seconds per belt-loop, which ensures increased productivity. The feed mechanism incorporates a computer-controlled X-Y method to allow the operator to change the number of stitches and sewing sizes.

The Juki MOL-254 machine time is 1.2 seconds per belt-loop (with 28 stitches).
The new Juki MOL-254 machine head specifically developed for belt-loop attaching machines runs at a maximum sewing speed of 2,500rpm and is equipped with a direct-drive system that improves start up performance and shortens sewing time. The belt-loop feeding device is now provided with a halfway standby capability for subsequent belt-loops, and its faster belt-loop supply action shortens the time required for supplying belt-loops and helps speed up the machine time to 1.2 seconds per belt-loop (with 28 stitches).

With the improved consistency in belt-loop supply action and re-try capability, the machine down time is substantially reduced.
Belt-loops are fed out by the conventional gear-roller feeding mechanism and also drawn out by the new drawing mechanism on the clamp device. Supported by these two mechanisms, the folding fork catches ?curled? or ?creased? belt-loops every time and supplies them to the head. In addition, the sensor of the clamp device detects the presence/absence of belt-loops. If it detects a faulty belt-loop feed, the clamp device automatically repeats the clamping action. Since the operator doesn?t have to operate the set-back switch, less time is lost.