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Increased productivity
The Juki AP-876 machine carries out a series of pocket setting processes at 9.9 seconds/pocket. It achieves 7.1 times as productive as general-purpose machines.

9.9 sec./pocket
The Juki AP-876 machine is able to fold a subsequent pocket and place it on a garment body while the machine is still engaged in the sewing of the current pocket. This means higher productivity can be achieved simply with one machine. The exclusive high-speed, 1-needle lockstitch zigzag stitch machine with an automatic thread trimmer has been adopted as the machine head for the Juki AP-876. The maximum sewing speed is 4,000 sti/min. The Juki AP-876 reduces the cycle time by 5% as compared with JUKI?s conventional model, AVP-875.
Reduction in the number of facilities and that of operators to be used
The Juki AP-876 fully automatizes a series of pocket setting processes. If these processes are done by means of the general-purpose machine, the following eight facilities (eight operators) will be required to achieve the daily production equivalent to that of the Juki AP-876.
Steam Iron: two machines (Fold hip pocket)
1-needle lockstitch machines with automatic thread trimmer: five machines (Sew hip pocket to back)
Bartacking machine: one machine (Bartack hip pocket edge) The AP-876

Quality production without relying on operator skill , quality improvement
The hip pocket of jeans and other garments is a highly visible element of those products. Its finished quality determines the product value. The pocket setting process is, therefore, a very important process. The Juki AP-876 contributes to easier operation to allow the operator to carry out pocket setting even if he/she has no specific skills, thereby achieving consistent high-quality pocket setting.