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The newly designed slim cylinder bed is about 12% smaller in diameter than the conventional cylinder bed, which expands support for finished products such as sleeves and pockets.

Cap frame that allows embroidery up to 360mm around the cap.

The embroidery stability has been improved by the cap frame support structure with enhanced rigidity, and the maximum rpm is 1,000 rpm (900 rpm at 4 mm).

Latest noise reduction developments help create a quiet and pleasant working environment for operators.The standard memory is 2,000,000 stitches and able to store a Max. of 200 designs.

Stitch conditions can be memorized together with embroidery data. The saved stitch conditions are applicable to job repeat. or other machines.

Easy-to-view 6.5 inch color LCD panel and special use keys are located in a compact design to enable operation by instinct. The job currently being embroidered on the machine is displayed on the screen in real time .