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Semi-dry Direct-drive, single-needle, Unison-feed, Lockstitch
Machine with Vertical-axis 2.0 Fold-Capacity Hook.

High and long arm has been adopted. The machine
is suited to the sewing of car seats, sofas and bags.
It is a sewing machine provided with dramatically
improved workability and functions which are
required for sewing large products and extra
heavy-weight materials.

In addition to the one-touch type reverse feed
switch, a multi-functional 6-string switch is also
provided. Changeover of the amount of the
alternating vertical movement of the walking
foot and the presser foot and changeover of
the stitch length can be done simply with this
one switch.

comes in a fully automatic version, double needle version, XXL hook version, several long arm sizes available, a 2 pitch stitch size version available, Safety clutch standard on all models