Brother Z8560A Electronic Single Needle Zigzag Lockstitch

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Clean Sewing

The Z-8550A and Z-8560A are equipped with a sealed oil tank, supplying constant clean oil only to the rotary hook. Having no oil around the needle bar and thread take-up mechanism, there is no concern of oil staining. The direct drive system, having no shaving of the belt, can keep valued products clean.
Plain zigzag, 3-step zigzag, scallop patterns and T-stitches* are provided

The basic 8 types, 14 sewing patterns are built-in. Users do not need to have multiple cams for each sewing pattern, which allows excellent cost performance.
Custom sewing patterns adding value to the product

Users can store their original sewing patterns in the machine additionally. Custom patterns can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as decorative stitching of ladies wear, knitted articles, neckerchiefs, towel handkerchiefs, foundation garments and swimming wear. Data handling is easily made with CF cards, adopted as storage media. (Up to 99 patterns with a total of 49,500 stitches, 500 stitches or less per pattern. Sewing patterns can be created at the operation panel or by using the sewing data programming software PS-300B (Option).)