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pattern sewer that comes with 3 sizes of work area:

X: 130mm × Y: 60mm) – The sewing machine flexibly supports the sewing
of small articles such as labels and emblems.
The sewing machine’s small sewing area promises
ease of use when handling small articles, thereby
enabling smooth sewing operation.

(X: 150mm × Y: 100mm) – The 1510 model is well received in the market due to
its moderate-sized sewing area. Responding to market
demand, the 1510 area model with a motor-driven
feeding frame has been newly developed. This model
can be used in a plant which is not provided with
pneumatic equipment.

(X: 220mm × Y: 100mm) – This model has a sewing area that is best-suited to
the sewing of large parts, including the shape-tacking
of jean pockets. With this model, you may recognize
the higher productivity of the cycle machine.